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Play better online poker

A “read” or “tell” in poker is information that you get about your opponent that causes you to change your entire strategy or how you play in any given situation. Because you cannot actually see your opponents in online poker then your reads have to be of a technical nature appertaining to how your opponents […]

The Concept of Control in Poker

I was having a discussion with a colleague a few days ago about the merits of pot control in no limit Texas hold’em. He claimed that the entire concept was weak and I said that it wasn’t. His argument was that pot control was obvious and when your opponents latched onto what you were doing […]

Beating the Poker Software

Every solid and decent poker player realises that the key to making money online is to find the best games and play in them. You can purchase software that will do this for you but they suffer from several key flaws. Firstly everybody else is using the same or similar software and so it tends […]

Playing on an Online Casino

Ever been to a brick and mortar casino that wasn’t quite what you were expecting?  Without being overly pessimistic, there are a lot of venues that just don’t meet our standards. You know the situation, the casino has more dealers than it does players.  The beverages were a lot more expensive than the pub you […]

Looking at your opponents game plan

In all poker games then your opponents have a game plan. Their overall methods and agenda will be different but in this article I want to explain how our thoughts tend to be directed down certain paths. Have you ever had an experience where both you and your partner were thinking about the same thing […]

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