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How to Pamper your Mom Jackpotjoy Style

Moms are constantly busy, so when you host a birthday party for her consider ideas that are an opportunity to say thank you! Pamper her with things she normally doesn’t do for herself. She needs your love and attention. Wrap it all up with a theme for a birthday party she will never forget. Those […]

The Different Types of Bingo Games

The entertaining game of bingo has been played since the 1500s but the modern version was first created in the 1920s and has only gained in  popularity as time has passed. Competitors play the game with cardboard bingo cards that are marked with random numbers in rows and columns. A  numbers caller then calls the […]

Bingo Winners – Our story

Bingo is not only fun, but it can be very rewarding financially. A lot of people simply play to be part of a community and to enjoy an evening out, but as the following stories remind you, it can be a profitable game to play.

Bingo On A Rainy Day

The Great British Summer isn’t, as any of us who live here will testify, always so great. How many best laid barbecue or picnic plans have gone to pot thanks to an untimely downpour or an unexpected storm on this temperamental island over the years? Often, our only bit of real sunshine comes for a […]

Online Bingo Game Launched at (the Mandalay Media Group, Based on Isle of Man)

Fans of online bingo now have a new site to check outz: I know I will. I LOVE playing bingo. Mandalay Media launched the site. They already operates popular online bingo domains,, and utilising UK-facing Dragonfish software and revealed that is set to target an international clientele

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