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The World Series of Poker

Each sport has its very own piece de resistance, the event that separates the men from the boys and where crowns are thrust onto the scalps of kings. In the world of soccer the World Cup is the crowning glory, in athletics it is the Olympic Games and in poker it is the World Series […]

Yeah! Massachusetts Senate Approves Casino Gambling, Now Sure to Come By 2012

At long last…the Massachusetts Senate approved casino gambling. Now,  Governor Deval Patrick has to to sign the measure by the end of this year. Slot machines could arrive as early as 2012. The vote was 24-14 vote in favor. It offers an opportunity to recapture hundreds of millions of gambling dollars that have crossed state lines […]

Tough Times in Atlantic City? Casinos Looking to Cut Salaries… Unions Balking

Talk about being down on your luck. Over the last 4 1/2 years, Atlantic City’s gambling halls have lost $1.5 billion worth of business and thousands of jobs as casinos open in surrounding states, and the sluggish economy has gamblers spending less freely. So with union contracts with nine of the 11 casinos expiring soon, […]

Officials Still Seeking Those Who Started Fire at a Monterrey, Mexico Casino

Mexican officials are still looking for those who  started the fire at a Monterrey casino, which killed 52 people. The incident caused widespread disgust in Mexico. It has also led to questions over the extent of links between casinos, local officials, police and drug gangs. You know, the cartels. Several people had already been arrested […]

Another Good Reason to Legalize Internet Casinos — Murder Suspects to Mexican Authorities: Those Casino Patrons We Murdered at the Monterrey Casino? “We Didn’t Intend to Kill Anyone.”

What crap. Five suspects arrested for the attack last week on a casino in Monterrey, Mexico, that left 52 people dead told police investigators they did not plan to kill anyone and only wanted to scare the establishment’s owners. Yeah. Right. The suspects, who have confessed to the attack and are being held under a preventive […]

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