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Go East, Young Men: Casinos Being Built at Record Pace in Asia-Pacific; it’s Not All About Vegas Anymore

Gambling conglomerates know where the money is these days. It’s in countries and regions across Asia-Pacific, where casinos are being built at an unprecedented rate. The name of the game is making money and that’s where the expendable income is these days. Asia Pacific. Not Las Vegas. Not Atlantic City. Although…truth is…all the major U.S. […]

Casinos in Egypt Attacked; Could This be the End of Them in a Post-Mubarak Country?

Religious groups may be able to close down casinos in a post Hosni Mubarak Egypt. Although still early days, a series of targeted attacks on some of Cairo’s most famous casinos has signalled a possible shift to religious intolerance in Egypt’s capital city. We’ll have to see how things play out, but the signs are […] Extends its VIP Rewards Program, So Check it Out

I’m always on the lookout for discounts and special offers from online casinos…cos, as you know I love to play online blackjack, poker and even backgammon. So when I heard about this promotion from online poker room I thought it was something you ought to know of. To at least consider it. And then […]

How Will Legalizing Internet Gambling Affect Las Vegas? Some Thoughts…And…What do YOU Think?

Look, most major U.S. casinos are salivating at the idea that internet gambling could be legalized. I said most. Some of the smaller operators…in Vegas…aren’t thrilled with the idea. No one really knows what will happen if online gambling is regulated in the United States, but smaller operates are not thrilled about the prospect of competing […]

What’s Going on in Europe? Another Casino Robbed. Another Reason to Frequent Online Casinos, My Friends

This is all too weird. Being a conspiracy buff, I can’t help but feel that there is connection between all of the robbers who have hit casinos in Europe. There is a master mind here. Or at least a pretty good copy cat mastermind. Here is the story, from various media sources and police reports: […]

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