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How Far Away is U.S. Market from Legalizing Online Casinos? Just Ask Gambling Operators Like Donald Trump

Seems like some big time land-based casino operators in the U.S. are preparing for the day when they can enter the online casino business. It’s gonna happen someday, despite opposition  from U.S. conservative groups. You know, the ones that run bingo games in their facilities (hypocrites). Meanwhile, there is a gambling bill mired in Congress. […]

Tough Times in Atlantic City? Casinos Looking to Cut Salaries… Unions Balking

Talk about being down on your luck. Over the last 4 1/2 years, Atlantic City’s gambling halls have lost $1.5 billion worth of business and thousands of jobs as casinos open in surrounding states, and the sluggish economy has gamblers spending less freely. So with union contracts with nine of the 11 casinos expiring soon, […]

Online Playing Environment

Playing in an online casino can sometimes leave you with mixed feelings – joy at winning money, but also physical pain. That’s because playing is so much fun that people can sometimes spend many hours in a single session without realising how much time has gone by. That’s why it is important to put some […]

Atlantic City’s Resorts Opens Gay Nightclub, A First Among A.C. Casinos

And why not? I’m straight, but shouldn’t casinos offer up gay nightclubs for those who are so inclined? I mean, when I’m gambling, who cares what’s going on in nightclub higher up in the hotel? Of course, that’s me. It’s a good idea though. Now, gays and lesbians who might feel uncomfortable in more traditional […]

Muslim Woman, in Traditional Clothes (Showing Only Her Eyes) is Asked to Leave Atlantic City Casino; Do You Think That’s Right?

Here’s a story a friend sent me from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’d like to hear what you think. I mean, is it proper? Legal? A Muslim woman says she was  given a choice at Caesars Atlantic City recemtly: take off the traditional face covering that only shows her eyes or leave the casino. Tanya Grooms-Butler says […]

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