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How to procure at online bingo

I picked this up a few days ago, when I was having a cup of coffee with a couple of friends who also happen to be fanatic online bingo lovers. They were discussing about their winnings in single sessions of online bingo and that is what got me interested. When playing online bingo each bingo […]

Poker and blackjack are very similar

Blackjack and poker have many similarities and looking at card counting gives us many such similarities. For example I used to be a card counter years ago before I went into online poker and played at sites like  and so I feel that I am well placed to discuss these issues. In card counting […]

Playing a simple poker style

I have heard many people down the years discuss ABC in poker and the definition of ABC is good solid play without getting out of line. However in all my years in the game then I have still to find any generic type of ABC that is being universally used. So the bottom line in […]

Playing on an Online Casino

Ever been to a brick and mortar casino that wasn’t quite what you were expecting?  Without being overly pessimistic, there are a lot of venues that just don’t meet our standards. You know the situation, the casino has more dealers than it does players.  The beverages were a lot more expensive than the pub you […]

Listen to the betting lines

In financial day trading then the most experienced traders learn to listen to the pulse and the heartbeat of the market. This can apply to online no limit hold’em as well. Let us say that a player opens from the UTG seat with an effective stack of 100bb……just what is this action telling us? Well […]

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