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Tough Times in Atlantic City? Casinos Looking to Cut Salaries… Unions Balking

Talk about being down on your luck. Over the last 4 1/2 years, Atlantic City’s gambling halls have lost $1.5 billion worth of business and thousands of jobs as casinos open in surrounding states, and the sluggish economy has gamblers spending less freely. So with union contracts with nine of the 11 casinos expiring soon, […]

Go East, Young Men: Casinos Being Built at Record Pace in Asia-Pacific; it’s Not All About Vegas Anymore

Gambling conglomerates know where the money is these days. It’s in countries and regions across Asia-Pacific, where casinos are being built at an unprecedented rate. The name of the game is making money and that’s where the expendable income is these days. Asia Pacific. Not Las Vegas. Not Atlantic City. Although…truth is…all the major U.S. […]

Maryland Rolls the Dice…Comes Up with $12.6 Million in June Revenues

No secret to why the state of Maryland opened up two casinos. Revenue. To help the state stay solvent. And it seems to be paying off. The Maryland Lottery today announced revenue numbers for the state’s two casinos — Hollywood Casino Perryville in Cecil County and the Casino at Ocean Downs in Worcester County. June’s […]

Muslim Woman, in Traditional Clothes (Showing Only Her Eyes) is Asked to Leave Atlantic City Casino; Do You Think That’s Right?

Here’s a story a friend sent me from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’d like to hear what you think. I mean, is it proper? Legal? A Muslim woman says she was  given a choice at Caesars Atlantic City recemtly: take off the traditional face covering that only shows her eyes or leave the casino. Tanya Grooms-Butler says […]

Atlantic City’s Newest Casino, Due to Open in May 2012, is Part of a Vision to Upgrade the South Inlet Area

From our New Jersey correspondent, Julia Moor; she says the Revel casino project in Atlantic City will open in just under a year — and it may be 100 percent smoke-free, according to Chief Executive Kevin DeSanctis, who spoke this week at the close of the East Coast Gaming Congress at the city’s convention center. The […]

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