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Improving your Poker Mindset

I often feel that less is more when it comes to playing poker for profits. The less you struggle the more money you make and the simpler the strategy then the better you tend to do. I have gone down both routes in the past of playing complex poker and simple poker and I don’t […]

Looking at Your Poker Opponents

In this article then I would like to take a look at the typical players who frequent the full ring poker games from NL25 through to and including NL100. I want to discuss what the typical player actually does in this environment. First off then I think that there are very important differences between your […]

Playing Better Tournament Poker

I was having a discussion with some people on a poker forum a few days ago about just what it took these days to win a large field poker tournament with several thousand entries. I have always prided myself on being an accomplished poker player but I just don’t feel that I have the game […]

Dead Money in Poker

Just what exactly is “dead money” and what does it mean in no limit Texas hold’em? Well just like other phrases in poker then “dead money” has several meanings. In tournament poker then it is often used as a derogatory term to mean players that have bought into a particular tournament who have absolutely no […]

Looking at Balance in Online Poker

Everybody speaks of “balance” these days in no limit Texas hold’em and it is true that more players these days try to balance their actions than ever before. However it is often the case that money is made by being unbalanced than being balanced……let me explain.   At the end of the day then you […]

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