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Winning Poker is Hard Work

Being idle and lethargic is the enemy of winning poker. Simply playing on autopilot will not cut it in today’s modern games where your opponents are simply not giving money away easily. You will need to become a very good hand reader and be adept at spotting opportunities to profit. If you are multi-tabling in […]

Beating the Poker Software

Every solid and decent poker player realises that the key to making money online is to find the best games and play in them. You can purchase software that will do this for you but they suffer from several key flaws. Firstly everybody else is using the same or similar software and so it tends […]

Looking at Fold Equity

There is no doubt that the modern game dynamics of online poker have changed. For many years the game of poker was happy and content to keep plodding along and it never really changed. The introduction of the World Series of Poker in 1970 started something but even then it was just something that happened […]

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