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It is all poker as we know it

I remember a few years ago when I used to avoid PLO like the plague. The game just seemed too complex to fathom above a very simple level. All this of course means that you don’t really understand poker. Simply put then “poker” is the generic name for playing cards where the hand rankings and […]

Poker and blackjack are very similar

Blackjack and poker have many similarities and looking at card counting gives us many such similarities. For example I used to be a card counter years ago before I went into online poker and played at sites like  and so I feel that I am well placed to discuss these issues. In card counting […]

Correcting Poker Mistakes

Some years ago I used to stack off horribly in deep stack no limit Texas hold’em until I learned about pivot points reading strategy at sites like  . In limit hold’em then the key pivot point arrives when we see the turn card. This is when the betting increments double and twice the amount […]

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