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Range vs Range

There are many players within poker that argue that you need to be ahead of your opponents range to be able to profitably play your hand for a raise. This isn’t strictly true for the following reason and we can look at one such reason taken from low stakes poker. Let us say that you […]

The online poker game dynamic

Not all poker sites are the same…….trust me because I should know. I have played at literally dozens of online poker sites since around 2001 and that number is more than fifty as it stands. So I am well aware of just how the average skill level differs from site to site and network to […]

Playing a simple poker style

I have heard many people down the years discuss ABC in poker and the definition of ABC is good solid play without getting out of line. However in all my years in the game then I have still to find any generic type of ABC that is being universally used. So the bottom line in […]

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