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A look at individual poker styles

Broadly speaking then there are four main styles in online poker and each one is different to the other. In this article we will look at each style and assess its strengths and weaknesses. The first part of the description refers to how often you play your hands and the second part to how you […]

So you want to play live?

The casino industry in Europe is not that dynamic and booming compared to North America or online,  Australia, South Africa and even Asia. Gaming laws in Europe prohibit casinos from directly attracting clients. However, hopes are high that transitions will be made to keep up with many parts of the world. Europe’s leading casino is […]

Where to play online poker?

If you are at all concerned about where to play online poker then I would certainly read on and where to place your hard earned cash then you may be interested to know that 888 open their doors 24/7 and have vastly grown into one of the largest poker rooms on the internet these days. I think […]

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