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Bonuses can make the world of difference

I think the best way to play online poker for profit if your skills are somewhat limited is to simply either play a rakeback orientated game or go for sign up bonuses. This is the way that I started and if you can put the hours in then you can usually work off the bonuses […]

Playing deep stacked poker

No poker hand is locked up unless you hold the nuts by the river or the nuts where no redraws are possible. Most of the time we have to make do with playing marginal hands where we have decent levels of hot and cold equity that are relative to the situation at hand. Also it […]

The war against the casinos

This maxim has been used and overused through time. I have heard it said so many times in so many contexts that sometimes, I do not even know what it is about. Still, if you think about it, knowledge REALLY is power. Whatever the context you may be in, having the appropriate information can make […]

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