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Getting free casino money is good

Anyone who has had any experience with casinos before would know all about comps. These are what many people call free stuff. What are comps exactly? Are they really free? First off, comps are all the perks that gamblers get in casinos and hotels in exchange for patronizing that establishment’s services. For example, a person […]

The thrill of casino game play

I love gambling online – call it my way of staying current and up to date with all of the technological trends that are sweeping all aspects of life right now. When I play gambling games online at sites like 888 , I feel like I am in the cutting edge of technology, that I […]

Which casino game to choose?

Casinos and online gambling sites like 888 offer players, bettors and even casual visitors so many types of gambling games that they can be interested to play in. Variety is an important factor in the success and appeal of casinos. A good analogy here would be a supermarket. If you are going to do your […]

House Edge

Even experienced players can’t always explain what house edge means. Not every casino player understands how house edge is formed. It’s time to investigate this topic. It’s much more effective to play knowing all the details. There is no generally accepted definition of a house edge. Usually it’s a ratio of official payouts and real […]

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