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How to combat the squeeze play in poker

In today’s aggressive online poker games then squeezing happens far more frequently than what it ever used to do. The squeeze play goes something like this. It is folded around to a player in late position that raises to something like 3.5bb. The player on the button cold calls and the small blind folds! The […]

Your first live casino experience

Going to a casino is an experience that is equaled only by a few things in life. The vibrant atmosphere, the excitement, and all that action can push a normally “safe” player to the brink and have him behave as he has never before. Then again, one of the main objects of going to a […]

A Few Blackjack Myths debunked

Myths abound in every corner of the earth – and casinos are not exempt from this. I recently ran across an article by John Grochowski detailing some of the most popular casino myths and why they are myths. Let us take a look at some of them. Blackjack: The third baseman is a team player, […]

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