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Taking Shots in Poker

The term ‘Taking Shots’ is used to describe the process whereby a player attempts to play at a higher level for a short period of time. Taking shots are pivotal to the success of an online, or live poker player, as they provide valuable experience, lessons and also enable you to win a lot of […]

Heads Up Display in Poker

One of the advantages of playing online poker is the ability to use technology to your advantage. One area where this really pays dividends is when it comes down to analysing your opponent’s play. When internet poker came along in the 1990s, such as Betfair Online, there were a host of software development teams that […]

Three-Handed Tournament Action

Without doubt, there is a world of difference between cash game poker and tournament poker, but it doesn’t do you any harm to have a bit of experience playing them both. Take three-handed play at the business end of a tournament for example. If you have zero cash game experience, the Betfair poker tips can […]

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