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The Variations of Live Tournament Poker

We are living in an ever-changing environment. The speed at which things change is amazing as everything has to keep pace with the demand of the 21st century consumer. Poker is no different, and for the hundreds of thousands who enjoy live tournament Speed Poker, there are more options than ever. Multi-Prize Pool Poker (MPP) […]

Set Mining in Poker

There are no sights in poker as magical as the one where your money card turns up on the flop to give you a set in a re-raised pot. You instantly hope your opponent has an over pair as you studiously eye up the stack of chips you assume are soon to be your own. […]

Playing the 25-30BB Stack in Poker

When playing in a Betfair Poker tournament it is advisable to do everything in your power to avoid dropping to the 25-30BB stack size. The reason is fairly simple – it is such a difficult stack size to find any flexibility in your poker. Even in one of the Betfair WSOP Qualifiers by the time […]

The Final Table

For years you have grinded the live tournament circuit without ever getting a sniff of a final table berth, then one day it happens. Aces turn up in tune with kings, flush draws hit the turn harder than a Mike Tyson left hook and all your rivers are full of fish flopping about gasping for […]

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