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A Game of Information

So what is poker? You may say that it’s a card game. You may say it’s a form of entertainment. You may say it’s a way of earning a living. All three would be very sensible and reasonable answers; but poker is, and always will be, a game of information. Some of this information you […]

Hand Selection in Poker

Hand selection is one of the most important principles that you must learn when playing in the Betfair Poker Live Prague event. When you are new to the game, you will be compelled to play almost every hand, convinced that the flop, turn and river will provide the miracle combinations you needed to drag the […]

How to Pamper your Mom Jackpotjoy Style

Moms are constantly busy, so when you host a birthday party for her consider ideas that are an opportunity to say thank you! Pamper her with things she normally doesn’t do for herself. She needs your love and attention. Wrap it all up with a theme for a birthday party she will never forget. Those […]

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