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The World Series of Poker

Each sport has its very own piece de resistance, the event that separates the men from the boys and where crowns are thrust onto the scalps of kings. In the world of soccer the World Cup is the crowning glory, in athletics it is the Olympic Games and in poker it is the World Series […]

The Distraction of Money

Money is the core of poker and without it you will find that it withers and dies. Just try playing a game of it, without the cash reward, and see how far it takes you. Even when you are in your home game with Grandma and Grandpa each person has a plastic bag containing copper. […]

Tipping in Casinos

If you are used to playing poker down your local casino then you will be used to tipping the dealer. If the casino is an unfamiliar playing field, for you, then you had better start thinking about. Tipping dealers is as common as tipping restaurant staff and taxi drivers, but why? The act of tipping […]

Pokers Top Five Christmas Presents

With yuletide approaching faster than a reindeer with a rocket up its you know what, even grinders have to shop for Christmas presents. But Texas Hold’em poker players are inherently lazy so here are the top five tips for the perfect poker gift. Tip #1 The Perfect Poker Chair When you spend hours grinding at […]

The Fox Club Closes but the Hippodrome Gets a Make Over

Contrasting fortunes if you are a professional poker player who revels in the live Texas Hold’em poker scene in London. One door shuts on the tail of a Fox and another opens wider than the gnarling jaws of a Hippo. After a two-year run, Genting UK, have announced that the Fox Poker Club – situated […]

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