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All Eyes are on Texas; Will it Finally Make Casinos Legal?

With all due respect to those legislators in Texas who have been against legalized gambling (as if betting on college football doesn’t happen)…. check out your budget shortfall this year. Texas is heavily in debt and legislators are finally coming to the conclusion that legalizing casinos is one way to bring in significant amounts of […]

More Casinos in Delaware? Not Yet Say Legislators, Who Vote Down Proposal

Delaware is a rough customer. A move to bring more casinos to the great state was defeated in the state House. Right now, gambling is only allowed at three state race track casinos. A bill  that would authorize two new casinos — one each in Sussex and New Castle counties — isn’t dead, though. There […]

Online Slots or Casino Games (Like Video Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat): Which do You Prefer?

I’ve always been partial to playing blackjack, poker and baccarat online. Roulette, somewhat less so. Slots, almost never. But even I have to admit that slots are getting incredibly popular online. And now, there are actually more players of slot games than of casino games,

Here’s An Interesting Stat: Oklahoma, Ranked 28th in U.S. State Population, is 4th in Generating Gambling Money

Oklahoma? Really? A gambler’s paradise? Apparently so. I was reading a posting from the Tulsa World newspaper on the subject and thought you might find this as interesting as I do. Cos to me, Oklahoma is one big wide stretch of open cowboy country. It’s the 28th-largest population and the 29th-largest economy among the 50 states, […]

Playing the Blinds

You want to defend your blinds, that’s a given, but how far should you go to ensure you are not a pushover?

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