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What’s Going On Here? Another Vegas Casino is Robbed.

Where’s the security? What the f**k! This past week, the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas became the latest victim of casino robbers. A gunman walked away with $32,000 in gaming chips. He was caught on tape. But he was disguised. He had on a fake moustache, sunglasses and a hat. He was pretty blatant. […]

Casinos in Egypt Attacked; Could This be the End of Them in a Post-Mubarak Country?

Religious groups may be able to close down casinos in a post Hosni Mubarak Egypt. Although still early days, a series of targeted attacks on some of Cairo’s most famous casinos has signalled a possible shift to religious intolerance in Egypt’s capital city. We’ll have to see how things play out, but the signs are […]

Battle of the Billionaires: Asian Family Fights for Control of Casinos

If you’ve travelled in Asia at all, as I have, you know of billionaire Stanley Ho, he of the Macau casinos. Great palaces. Now, Ho has filed a lawsuit against some family members to regain control of his assets, extending a three-week public dispute over Asia’s biggest casino company. Ho is accusing his daughters Pansy […]

Casinos in Singapore Doing Record Business, Up a Sizzling 49 Percent

Ever been to Singapore? Well, I have. And it’s an awesome place. I like it even better now that they have TWO (count em) new Casinos. And the rebounding world economy is drawing people Extends its VIP Rewards Program, So Check it Out

I’m always on the lookout for discounts and special offers from online casinos…cos, as you know I love to play online blackjack, poker and even backgammon. So when I heard about this promotion from online poker room I thought it was something you ought to know of. To at least consider it. And then […]

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