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What’s the Matter with Atlantic City Casinos? Easy: Regional Casinos Surrounding Them

I read this interesting article from the Reuters news service about Atlantic City Casino woes. No big surprise. The report said gaming revenue at Atlantic City casinos were expected to fall 41 percent in 2011 from its high in 2006, while revenue at regional casinos in eastern Pennsylvania is surging.

Las Vegas Style Casinos May Be Coming to Fort Lauderdale (I’d Vote for That)

It’s a recurrent theme, isn’t it? Don’t bring Las Vegas style casinos to my town! If you’re running for office, that’s the mantra. Then, if elected…when a legislator sits down and sees what the state, county deficit is… they change their minds. Take Florida (where native Americans have slot casinos…)… and the new Governor, Rick […]

If You’re Traveling to Asia, Try Singapore’s Casinos, Some of the Best in the World

The government of Singapore knows where the money is. Gambling. Of course, the island nation is also known for its manufacturing skills and output. But all the news coming out of Singapore is about last year’s very successful opening of two casino resorts.

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