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Keeping Up With the Neighbors? Maryland Casinos Planned to Take on Similar Venues in Pennsylvania and Delaware (and Ain’t it Great?)

Why should Marylanders spend all their hard earned cash gambling in Delaware and Pennsylvania? Maryland legislators have finally had the bulb go off over their heads. Why not here in OUR state…so we can get gambling tax money? Maryland moved one step closer

To All Our Loyal Viewers Around the World…

We wish you and your family a very, merry Christmas. And many wins playing your favorite games in your favorite casino.

New Jersey Lawmakers Looking to Gain Greater Control Over Atlantic City Casinos

Two of the most important changes to the way Atlantic City has done business for the past 30-plus years are up for votes in the New Jersey Senate Monday. Have you heard about what’s going on in New Jersey? Everything begins with the fact that the state is billions of dollars in the red. And […]

All In: Danville, Illinois Mayor Pulling Out All the Stops to Attract a Casino to His City

The proliferation of casinos throughout the U.S. can only be the result of our poor economy. In other words, in many states and smaller communities, it is law that operating budgets must be balanced; that is expenses must equal revenues. But that’s tough in many places so legalizing gambling has been one answer to close […]

Cosmopolitan Casino “Officially” Opening on the Strip This Week; Experts Chime in on its Chance for Success

Make way for the newest mega casino on the Las Vegas Strip, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which officially opens this coming Wednesday. But already, observers are wondering if this hotel-casino will have what it takes to survive in a down economy. The Cosmopolitan needs to bring in revenue for its new owner, Deutsche Bank […]

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