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Gambling at Aqueduct Racetrack, in New York, Finally Paying Off for State, to the Tune of a $380 Million Payment

Look, no secret. I love to gamble. Anywhere. In moderation, of course. The legalization of gambling throughout the U.S. has only one motivation. Using taxed money and fees to paydown debt. Now, finally, New York is seeing some dividends from its allowing gambling slots at racetracks. Specifically, Acqueduct. This past week, the state finally started […]

Goings On in Goa, India’s Jet Set Paradise

When I was younger a cousin and myself traveled to Goa, one of the coolest places on Earth. [Not cool in the sense of temperature] It was and is a fairly unknown Jet Set haven. It was a place filled with stunning European model types, exotic Asians…and lots of nude beaches. I haven’t been there […]

How Will Legalizing Internet Gambling Affect Las Vegas? Some Thoughts…And…What do YOU Think?

Look, most major U.S. casinos are salivating at the idea that internet gambling could be legalized. I said most. Some of the smaller operators…in Vegas…aren’t thrilled with the idea. No one really knows what will happen if online gambling is regulated in the United States, but smaller operates are not thrilled about the prospect of competing […]

We’re All Waiting to See if U.S. Gov’t Has the Balls to Legalize Online Gambling (After All, Think of All the Tax Revenues…)

I saw this interesting posting on an International Casino web site. Interesting because it presents an interesting perspective on what’s going on here in the States. Everyone knows that our government needs tax revenue. So here we have online gambling…. with all this potential tax revenue…. Here is what the blogger said (in summary, mind […]

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