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What’s Happening in Atlantic City Has Locals Up in Arms

Attorney Seth Grossman of Shore Today put out an interesting column today about what’s going on in Atlantic City, given what Gov. Christie has said about taking over…. I thought this was important enough to quote some of Grossman’s good writing, so I am going to excerpt and comment on what he said. But YOU […]

Table Games (Poker, Blackjack, Craps) Come to Pennsylvania Casinos At Last

Yeh. At long last table games have come to PA casinos. It was just a matter of time. PA needs the money. Of  course, Atlantic City New Jersey can’t be too happy about this. Sunday, there was a test run at the Mt. Airy Casino. But now it’s for real. Beginning July 13, Mount Airy […]

Massachusetts Closer to Legalizing Casino Resort Gambling

Obviously…one step closer. That’s the big news coming out of the Massachusetts’ Senate last week. Now the question is, what compromises have to be made so that the House can sign off on the proposal? Governor Duval Patrick has been quoted as saying he will intervene and help reconcile the two versions of the bill. […]

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