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Massachusetts Legislators Ponder the Downside of Approving Casinos

Wonderful  story in the Boston Globe (credit, where credit is due) about gambling in Massachusetts made a lot of sense to me so I thought I’d go over some of the points made by the reporter. In Mass, where legislators are about to approve casinos, they have promised to control the spread of gambling. But […]

Climbing Mount Rushmore; Just kidding — Check Out Rushmore Casino Online for a Good Time (No One Paid Me to Say That)

I recently visited Rushmore Casino, which a friend told me about. It’s a pretty cool site. Nice, sharp colors, eye catching images. Clean design. Check out this amazing US online casino today and start challenging your luck. You may  discover that Rushmore Casino is so much more than just tasteful appearance. Is it reliable? I think […]

A Long Island (N.Y.) Casino? It’s in the Cards

Unbelieveably interesting things happening in my home state. I grew up on Long Island, so pardon me for crowing a bit about the possible casino we may soon have there. [Franklin Square, near Hempstead, if you must know…is where my family settled, after leaving Brooklyn.] Seems like the Shinnecock Indians 32-year battle for federal recognition ended […]

An Outrage: Admitted Killer of Casino Shift Manager, Says “I Took it Out on Him Because All Casinos are Crooked.”

This is a long story, so bear with me. It’s about a cold-blooded killer named Mark Magee, who killed a shift manager at the Taj Mahal casino (Atlantic City) in 2009. Why? Because he figured all casinos in Atlantic City cheat. Magee, 58, is from Norristown, near where I used to live. In court, he […]

Is Macau, China, the New Las Vegas? Casinos Rolling in Cash

I had my doubts about the casinos in China. [Hong Kong, a different story.] But judging by recent revenue numbers, cities like Macau have casinos that are doing turnaway business. To call the spike in revenue at Macau casinos remarkable would be considered an understatement. I saw a report from Lusa, a Portuguese news agency, […]

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