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Now You Can Play Blackjack on Your iPad. Isn’t that Way Cool?

Like I need another distraction. Just kidding.I love my iPad and I am just learning all the applications that are appropriate to it. I’m no techie. I learn slowly, but I just recently received a press release from Spin3, saying that users can now access and experience its play-for-fun 21 Blackjack Party native application using their […]

Bodog Casino Has $634,000 “Progressive” Winner

You know how I HATE posting press releases. Goes against my grain as a journalist (I have won Associated Press awards as a reporter). Not that press releases don’t give you information. But it is always slanted to the group that it represents. You never get a press release saying So and So casino sucks. […]

Is Bigger Better? Maybe not in New Jersey, When it Comes to New Casinos

Could one of the answer to solving Atlantic City’s casino doldrums be to allow smaller casinos (meaning 200 rooms or less) to be licensed? That seems to be what some N.J. legislators are contemplating these days. Right now the idea passed through a Senate committee. Former Mayor James Whelan, now a state senator, introduced legislation […]

Atlantic City Casino Revenue on the Upswing? A Good Sign that U.S. is Coming Out of Recession

Well, some good news for casinos at last. At least relatively speaking. The revenue figures for Atlantic City casinos are out and the results are promising, if not spectacular. At least the downward trend may be halted and maybe that means the U.S. recession is nearing an end. Or not. Hell, I’m no economist. [Not […]

Sands Expands Again Overseas, This Time into Singapore

I’ve been to Singapore, a rather wealthy city-state and now I have a reason to go back. Another casino. Built by a familiar group, The Las Vegas Sands Group. After big cost overruns and months of delays, the casino, more than a third of 2,500 hotel rooms and parts of a shopping mall and convention […]

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