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St. Louis Developers Submitting Plans for a New Casino

Developers who want to open a new St. Louis casino have until April 27 (today, as I post this) to submit their plans to city council. As is typical with plans, it has to include all the basic information needed for the decision makers at the St. Louis Development Corp. I’ve dealt with government development […]

Greenbrier Casino: Will it Be as Awesome as the Famous West Virginia Resort?

I have been to the Greenbrier resort. I have written about the resort for a number of magazines. It is spectacular. Awesome. Beautiful. Elegant. And more. Now…add to that an underground casino. I can’t wait. Here is the latest: Workers are in a mad dash to finish the casino, which is below the front lawn. […]

Do’s and Don’ts, When Figuring Out What Online Casino to Play In

I have a friend who loves to play online. Anything online. OK, she’s a bit daft, but I know where she is coming from. But how, exactly, do you pick the one that won’t rip you off? That’s what she asked me recently. I said, Look, every online casino offers players some sort of bonus […]

What’s Going on in Europe? Another Casino Robbed. Another Reason to Frequent Online Casinos, My Friends

This is all too weird. Being a conspiracy buff, I can’t help but feel that there is connection between all of the robbers who have hit casinos in Europe. There is a master mind here. Or at least a pretty good copy cat mastermind. Here is the story, from various media sources and police reports: […]

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