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Casino Revenues in January 2010 Up in Mississippi, to $193 Million. An Encouraging Sign, but Still Less than the Level of One Year Ago

Good news for legislators (and casino owners) in Mississippi. Legislators, of course, depend on tax revenue from Casinos to help balance their budgets. Revenue was up from December 2009, although down from one year ago. So it’s kind of a good news, bad news scenario. In January, casino revenue in Mississippi was $193.2 million. That […]

This Kinda Pisses Me Off: Colorado Casino Regulators Look to Lower Blackjack Payouts (And Increase Revenues for Government)

I don’t know about you, but don’t you think Government should keep their budgets in order and not screw people who gamble in sanctioned casinos. Well, seems like jurisdictions that are running at deficits will do anything to find money. Colorado casinos want regulators to lower the minimum payout on blackjacks. Under a proposal that […]

Sports Books at New Jersey Racetracks? It Just Might Happen

It just blows my mind to see how state legislators, once adamantly anti gambling, are now embracing it in order to bring in much needed revenues. Latest trend is in hard-strapped New Jersey, where a state Senate committee approved a proposed constitutional amendment to allow sports betting in Atlantic City casinos and at New Jersey […]

A Casino in Hawaii? Could Happen As Legislators Consider Legalizing Gambling

The Aloha state, which has always made it’s living on the tourism industry, is now considering legalizing gambling. Say what? It’s all about the state’s budget deficit. Naturally. Did you ever think it was about anything else but money? Ain’t it funny how state legislatures after state legislatures around the country have all of sudden […]

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