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Mohawk Tribe to Sullivan County, New York: No, We Won’t Build a Casino at Monticello Raceway

I grew up in Orange County, New York, about 90 minutes from the city (I live in Pennsylvania now), so I was interested in the news that neighboring Sullivan County was courting the Mohawk tribe, hoping they’d build a casino at Monicello Gaming and Raceway. Tribe to Sullivan. No thanks. The tribe held a vote […]

The Debate Over Online Casino Continues on American Cable TV’s CNBC

Did anyone catch CNBC’s “Closing Bell” show recently, when they covered the regulation debate about online gambling? For those of you who are not American and don’t get American cable TV, CNBC is a cable network devoted to business and Wall Street. The topic of a recent show was  “The Future of Online Gambling”,  and […]

Report: U.S. Casinos’ Revenues Slipping, but There’s Still a Lot of Action at the Tables

OK, so the big news is that revenues for U.S. casinos, combined, have declined by about 5 and a half percent. That is a precipitous drop, I admit. But casinos still took in almost $8 billion in revenues during the THIRD quarter alone. It is cause for some concern amongst owners. While the economy seems […]

Greektown Casino, in Detroit, Reports Rising Revenues: $29.3 Million in October

From the Detroit Free Press, we are learning that Detroit casino revenues fell nearly 1 percent in October from a year ago, but were up more than 6 percent when compared with September, according to the Michigan Gaming Control Board. I suppose that’s good news. The three casinos took in $110.2 million in October compared […]

Top 10 Casinos Around the World (Do You Agree?)

A recent survey by newspapers editors and reporters around the world came up with this list of the world’s best casinos. Here they are, in reverse order. See if you agree with them. Hint: That’s Monte Carlo above. 10. Crown Casino – Melbourne, Australia Internationally renowned architect Daryl Jackson was part of the design team […]

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