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Casino City In Spain A Possibility

Spain is one of the more popular destinations for tourists all over the world. Dark handsome Spanish men, exotic Spanish ladies, excellent paella, tapa, and jamon, architecture, flamenco – all these and more are enough reasons for anyone to want to go to Spain. But did it ever occur to you to go to Spain […]

New Ladbrokes Ad: Safe Or Controversial?

Online casino giant Ladbrokes is no stranger to controversy. In fact, the very fact that they specialize in online gambling is enough to create controversy in itself. We all know how certain sectors and individuals can react to this industry. From policies to promotions to mere advertisements, entities like Ladbrokes have had to endure living […]

Charity Benefits From Casino Test Run

Whether or not it is a publicity stunt, the fact remains that charity will be benefiting from a test run of the latest Sands casino. The Las Vegas Sands is set to open up a new casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The target date is sometime at the end of May, but they are planning on […]

Bring Back The Coins, Baby!

Tell me, what is the best thing that you like about playing the slot machines? Is it the hours and hours of sitting there? Is it the patterns that mesmerize you? If you are like the average person, the clanging sounds that the machines make is probably one reason. More so, you actually win something, […]

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