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Trump Casinos Folds

Figuratively, that is, and not the entire operations. I am only referring to a recent decision by the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino to stop the use of its 14 automated poker tables. They have only tried out the tables for a few months. At the beginning, the aim of the casino operators was to […]

Who Is Responsible For Your Losses?

I don’t know why I am even asking this question. The answer is pretty clear to me: whoever gambles his money is ultimately responsible for his losses, right? This woman from Indiana seems to think otherwise, however. She even went as far as to sue the casino that “made her lose” her money. Here is […]

Another Casino Mistake Disappoints Gambler

We hear of “false alarms” in casinos all the time. Someone thinks that Lady Luck finally smiled upon him (or her). Jumps for joy. Then reality bursts his (or her) bubble. Here’s another piece of news that runs along the same lines. The main character is Paul Kusznirewicz, a 55-year old man from Ontario, Canada. […]

Casino Bars In Danger

One of the things that make it more fun to play at a real casino is the casino bar that serves you all the alcohol that you want. While I would strongly recommend NOT drinking a lot if you want to win at the tables, a drink or two surely would not hurt. It might […]

Man Robbed by New “Casino Buddies”

A man was robbed early this morning by two women he befriended at the Creek Nation Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The man, whose name wasn’t released by the police, had a pretty good streak at the casino winning about $2000 before he met the two women, identified as Lashell Averill (21) and Lashyls Lanimara (21), […]

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