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Napa Valley Casino

Are you looking for a new casino to frequent? What are your “requirements” for a good casino? If your type is a small and cosy casino, and you live in the vicinity of the Bay Area in California, then the Napa Valley Casino is for you. The Napa Valley Casino is located on Highway 29 […]

Amazing Atlantic City Hotel Promotion

Want some good cheap casino fun?  There is an amazing promotion on hotels and resorts in Atlantic City that you won’t want to miss.  I’m going to try to get the $20 a night deal for Harrah’s resort.  If I don’t get this one, there are other great deals to be had now through May […]

Are Online Casinos More Attractive?

Although I know that there are times when I prefer to play in an online casino rather than play in a brick and mortar establishment, I never really thought about the idea that online casinos are more attractive to gamblers in general. The possibility only occurred to me when a friend mentioned it over a […]

When Citizens Say Yes To Casinos

While doing my regular news reading earlier, I stumbled upon a news article talking about how the people in Florida have no problems about the gambling agreement that the Governor made with the Seminole tribe.  This issue has been up in the air for so long now that some might even have forgotten about it.  […]

Collecting Vintage Casino Poker Chips

One of the best things about playing poker in a real live casino is to see, feel, and hear those chips throughout the whole game.  Of course, in online casinos, you can have a similar experience with the excellent graphics and sounds available these days but there is nothing like the real thing sometimes.  Another […]

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