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Missouri Casinos: No Deadbeats Please

I found this piece of news both amusing and reassuring at the same time.  Apparently, in Missouri, a bill has been proposed that will disallow deadbeats inside casino premises.  That simple line is enough to make me laugh – I can’t really say why.  But anyway, their definition of deadbeat is this (courtesy of Casino […]

No More Microgaming For US?

And I thought that things would be getting better for online casinos.  Apparently, I didn’t see far enough.  I am sure you have heard of Kentucky’s bid to seize all domain names being used by online casino operators.  I think I even wrote about it one time. Anyhow, due to this move, Microgaming has decided […]

It’s Not Crappy At All

In spite of the name of the game, craps is not all that bad.  In fact, it is one of the most enjoyable casino games that you can try your hand at.  If you have not tried craps yet, maybe it’s time that you did!  So what is craps all about?  In order to understand […]

Do You Play In International Online Casinos?

At this point in time, you probably do – just like countless other people who like online gambling.  There really is not much of a choice, now, is there?  With the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act well in place, the companies behind online casinos have not had a choice but to expand their operations in countries […]

Winner And Casino Argue Over $1M

What would you do if you thought you won $1M in a slot machine and then the casino tells you that it was a mistake, that you only won $8,000?  I know one thing – if I was sure that the $1M sign lit up, then I would bug the heck out of that casino […]

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