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Going On Vacation? Get A Casino Vacation Package!

Summer is almost over – but not quite. You could still probably squeeze in a quick trip to end the season. If you are considering going on a vacation – short or long – and you like casinos, then you might want to get a casino vacation package. The travel industry is certainly experiencing a […]

Comps Getting Hard To Come By

Don’t you just love comps? Any casino goer would definitely say yes to that question. In fact, comps are one of the things that attract people to casinos. However, it seems that it is not as easy to get comps these days as it was before. Well, at least, it seems to be that way […]

Busting Casino Myths – One Last Time

We have been looking at some of the myths about casinos that John Grochowski has presented in his article.  This would be the last installment of this series.  We have talked about blackjack and roulette, now how about poker (arguably the most popular card game these days)? Poker: Changing seats can change your luck. There’s […]

Busting Casino Myths Continued

In the previous post, we started taking a look at some casino myths that a lot of people seem to believe in.  We also debunked those myths, courtesy of John Grochowski. Here are a couple more. Roulette An experienced dealer can make the ball land where he pleases.  If a dealer has enough experience and […]

Colorado’s Casinos To Have More Freedom?

Colorado residents who love to frequent casinos – and people from the surrounding areas – would love to hear this piece of news. Apparently, an amendment to the law regarding gambling in casinos is set to be voted on in November of this year. And what is this proposal all about? There are three basic […]

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