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Of Casinos And Odor

I have heard of many people being kicked out of casinos for a variety of reasons but I have never heard of someone being kicked out because of his body odor!  Have you?  Take a look at this report from Ogpaper: Michael Wax, a Brooklyn limousine company owner, has filed a complaint against the Borgata […]

Freebies Up For Grabs At Club Uno

When you go to casinos, do you relish the thought of going home with more than your winnings?  Are you the type who likes receiving giveaways?  If you are like a lot of other people, then you would probably answer yes to both questions. Well, if you are ever in Las Vegas and you want […]

Smoking in Casinos – Yes or No?

We’ve been hearing and experiencing smoking bans in the past few years. I think this is not restricted to the United States. Many countries in Europe and even in Asia have been proposing and enforcing smoking bans in public places. Even Amsterdam – of all places – has banned smoking in public! I do understand […]

Casinos Not Recession Proof

Someone once said that despite a recession, casinos and online card rooms would continue to rake in money as no other establishments could.  I highly doubted it at that time.  The way I saw it was that when hard economic times set in, the first thing that will be gotten rid of will be entertainment.  This […]

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