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Top Ten Las Vegas Casinos

I am sure each one of us has his own version of this list. To be honest, the average person probably has not frequented Las Vegas all that much. This would be especially true if you do not live near the area. So how do you choose which casino to go to on that once […]

$800 Million Resort and Casino Project in Viejas

American Indian tribes continue to be the big thing when it comes to casino projects throughout the country. In a recent announcement made by the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians, they revealed plans to expand the already existing Viejas Casino. The project is expected to cost about $800 million and includes the following plans: • […]

Ninth Nepalese Casino

People from the United States or the United Kingdom would probably be wondering what the big deal is about having another casino. Yet think about it, Nepal is one whole country and they are going to have only their 9th casino! Of course, we have to consider the size of the country to the US […]

Casinos in Ireland

Call me shortsighted but I would never have associated Ireland with casinos. Sure, there are bound to be a couple of casinos in most any country in the world but to me, Ireland has just always stood for something else – the greenery, beer, whiskey, and U2! Anyhow, there does exist quite an active “casino […]

Casino Management

Have you ever been in a casino and then look at the people working there and think about how their lives are? Have you ever envied those working in casino management and wished that you were living their lives? Well, with the proper training and education, you can actually do what they do! You can […]

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