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Poker Scam Busted in NJ

This news item really made me mad while I was reading it. Featured by AP, here’s a snippet of the story: It was a high-tech variation on one of the oldest tricks in the book, dating back to the Wild West saloon days – cheating unsuspecting poker players by rigging the game. But the tools […]

Maximize Your Comps (Part 3)

In the last post we talked about tables and staying put in order to get as many comps as you can. In this post, let’s focus on the people involved in the casino. The floor manager is often mistaken for the pit boss. He has a bit more power though, when it comes to comps. […]

Maximize Your Comps (Part 2)

In the last post we took a look at some ways that you can maximize your comps at any casino. Though we have been talking about how comps do not really mean that you are winning that much, it still feels nice to get those freebies that the casinos give to those who spend (or […]

Maximize Your Comps

We all know that comps are a way for the casino owners to entice potential and existing high rollers to patronize their premises more. We also know that getting more comps usually means that you are losing a lot of money at the tables. Yet we cannot help but want to get those comps anyway. […]

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