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Comp Envy

Within the human nature, there is the tendency to envy others when they have something that you do not. The same thing goes when others receive certain treatment that you would also want to receive. With some casino players, the same principle applies when it comes to comps. In the last post we talked about […]

Atlantic City: Keep Casinos Open

Last year, this casino city experienced a three-day shutdown of casinos because of a budget issue. The cost of this shutdown was estimated to be around $55 million. Quite understandably, lawmakers in the state have been trying to look for ways to prevent this event from happening again. Quite recently, a bill was proposed that […]

Gambling Ad Ban Widened

As early as 2004, both Yahoo and Google implemented bans on gambling ads, much to the dismay of the gambling industry. Today, the ban is being expanded to include sites that encourage people to gamble even though there is no money involved – in the UK at least. This is quite an irony, in fact, […]

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