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How to procure at online bingo

I picked this up a few days ago, when I was having a cup of coffee with a couple of friends who also happen to be fanatic online bingo lovers. They were discussing about their winnings in single sessions of online bingo and that is what got me interested.

When playing online bingo each bingo ticket you buy or you are given free will have a randomly printed set of numbers displayed on it and as such you will never know when you are going to win a bingo game online which is why playing bingo is so very exciting.

How can you increase the chances of winning at online bingo:

1) Play at Quiet Times:

You will have more chances of winning a bingo game online if there are not many other players logged into the bingo site you have chosen to play at. When there are few players singed in playing online bingo ensures that you have greater chances of winning in any bingo game that you choose to play!

2) Try to play free bingo no deposit:

Another way which can massively increase your chances of winning in online bingo is when you play on sites another way that you are going to massively increase your chances of winning is when you choose to play free bingo no deposit at GameVillage. This site never fails to give assured gifts to their players. Read more

The Comprehensive History of Poker



Poker is currently played worldwide in many different forms, from casino tables through to online games. It is one of the most popular gambling games and has been enjoyed by billions of people for roughly two centuries. Today over 20% of the American population play poker live or online.

The Origins

The first game of poker was played in the US, with each player receiving five cards from a pack of twenty. However, the origins of this game is still disputed. Originally the game was thought to originate from the Persian game of As-Nas. However, in the 1990s this theory was disputed by gaming historians with evidence being shown for the origins being traced back to a French game called poque.

Today debates over the origin of poker is largely glazed over, with a common school of thought believing that the game has been influenced numerous times over the years. The basics of the game can be attributed to all card play principles with the gambling aspect only coming into effect in the mid-18th Century. By 1800 it had spread throughout Mississippi and was played with 52 cards in a variety of ways.

Gambling spread throughout Mississippi on riverboats, where gambling was a popular pastime. Soon poker became a large part of the frontier culture in America.

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Improving your Poker Mindset

I often feel that less is more when it comes to playing poker for profits. The less you struggle the more money you make and the simpler the strategy then the better you tend to do. I have gone down both routes in the past of playing complex poker and simple poker and I don’t think I made any more money playing complex than what I did playing simply. Now clearly these are generalisations and they tend not to help us in a large way. However I like the simpler way of playing poker these days and that means playing lower stake levels and multi-tabling them.

This isn’t a glamorous way to play poker but this is just where the majority of poker players need to concentrate. Remember that an earn rate of 5ptbb/100 is a very solid earn rate and that means 10bb/100. The next question is how much volume can you handle? Imagine a crazy situation where you could handle 100 tables at 75 hands per hour per table. This would mean that you would be playing 7500 hands per hour and making 750bb/hour at $0.50 per big blind. So an astonishing $375 per hour all from playing NL50.

Of course these are pie in the sky figures and not attainable but it does bring up the argument that the way to make a lot of money playing poker is to use a simple style and try to replicate that style on as many tables as possible. You simply have to push the barriers in terms of how many tables you play for two key reasons. Firstly if you don’t then you will not make as much money if you are beating your level solidly. Secondly this then places you into a situation where the only way that you can make more money is to play higher levels.

However this doesn’t help us either because at higher levels then our earn rate will fall in terms of bb/100. When our earn rate falls then this means that our edge is thinner and when that happens then variance and standard deviation increase. So playing higher levels doesn’t automatically mean that we will make more money because our opponents will be making fewer mistakes. This is how professional traders make their money; they trade very high volume and very marginal edges.

However if we try to do this at higher stake levels then we will suffer for one simple reason, this is because our opponents are not only sophisticated but will be able to see our actions directly. In financial trading then the money is pooled and so you never really know who is trading and for how much unless you are an industry expert. In poker though you can keep notes on your opponents and watch them intently.

At lower stakes though then your opponents play in a more simple way and this allows simple strategies to work. To see how this is the case then we can take a look at the game noughts and crosses. A simple strategy of always starting in the centre square and countering your opponent who has moved in the centre by moving into one of the corners either beats your opponent or doesn’t allow them to win.



Carl Sampson is a professional poker player that plays online at 888poker

Looking at Your Poker Opponents

In this article then I would like to take a look at the typical players who frequent the full ring poker games from NL25 through to and including NL100. I want to discuss what the typical player actually does in this environment. First off then I think that there are very important differences between your average six max player and your average full ring game player. When you happen to go into a card room in a live casino then you may have a chronic shortage of options with regards to which poker games you can sit in.

However this isn’t the case in online poker and so on the large sites and networks then if you see players sitting in full ring then this is because they have chosen this form of poker over six max. This in my opinion indicates an awful lot about the mind-set and style of a poker player and also their attitude to risk as well. More tight player’s frequent full ring than in any other environment and this is especially the case when you see a full ring game player multi-tabling.

A player like that will be playing very tight ranges as the combination of playing full ring and playing so many tables will make it so. This is a player who is likely folding a very high percentage of their range and merely playing for rakeback, bonuses and getting value from the odd fish who just happens to make a mistake against them in a deep stack situation. So the average typical full ring game player is often not making big bluffs or even balancing their ranges and will often slip into pot control mode because they often fear getting all in or risking significant percentages of their stack with non-nut hands and powerhouses.

It is very useful to know this information going in and I see many new players at no limit ring games simply pay off the tight playing regs too often. Don’t get me wrong here, the tight game plan of a reg is hardly optimal poker but with rakeback, sign up bonuses and a good solid ABC game then it can do very well in certain poker environments.

Carl “The Dean” Sampson plays poker at 888poker

Playing Better Tournament Poker

I was having a discussion with some people on a poker forum a few days ago about just what it took these days to win a large field poker tournament with several thousand entries. I have always prided myself on being an accomplished poker player but I just don’t feel that I have the game to wade through huge fields of several thousand players. Let us break down a field of 2000 players into a microcosm of a ten player single table where each player started with T1500 in chips.

Now there are certain things that you can control in a poker game but most of what actually happens in it is largely out of your control. In fact it is this assumed control that can cause tilt with many players because they wrongly believe that they have more control over events than they really have. This applies even more in cash games but that is largely a different story and so we will leave it there. However let us say that in this fictional but all too realistic one table tournament that you started out playing fairly solidly.

Now let us say that two players became involved with each other and one player was eliminated, this would automatically mean that one player now had T3000 in chips which is double your stack. If another two players were involved in an all-in as well then this would mean that two players would have a stack of T3000 while your own stack would have probably eroded down to around T1400. So you have done nothing wrong but already two players have a stack that is more than twice the size of your stack. You may be now closer to the money because two players have been eliminated but you are further away from first place than you were at the start in terms of chip position.

Now let us say that this event happens again with two players getting involved with each other and then the two big stacks also get involved with each other. Suddenly someone has a stack of T6000 while you have around T1300. Couple this with blind increases and suddenly your stack doesn’t have too many big blinds left in it. This is despite the fact that you have done nothing wrong whatsoever and just played normal solid poker. The fact of the matter is that the cards and the situations just didn’t fall your way.

Now if we compound that to a large tournament and multiply that effect by several hundred fold then it is clear to see that in many occasions you will simply never have the chance to go deep in a big tournament and final table it. I have often argued that thousands upon thousands of tournament players that frequent these large events simply do not have a winning style. By “winning” then I am referring to a style that is capable of actually winning the tournament and not just going relatively deep.

Many otherwise “good” tournament players tend to only get their really good results in smaller fields where variance is less of a factor and there are far fewer “gamblers” in the field. As a solid tournament player then you will always struggle to deal with the collective mass of “gamblers” and loose players coupled with strong tournament players who are not afraid of variance and busting out early. This means that the sad fact is that many otherwise very capable poker players simply do not have the optimal style to win poker tournaments with several thousand players in them.



Carl Sampson is a professional poker player who plays online at 888poker

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